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Let’s Get This Party Started – 2013 NBA Playoffs

Twitter Takeover Three cheers for the playoffs! Hip Hip… HooooOKay we don’t have time for all that nonsense. We have serious business to discuss before the playoffs start tonight. First, it turns out that Bigfoot was actually just Dirk Nowitzki with a beard. He did shave it off this past week, but nobody cares because we won’t see him anyways ... Read More »

When It Falls Short

Twitter Takeover There’s so much going on in the NBA these days. We are full of news about Matt Barnes shooting (or lack there of), the Mavericks reluctantly sporting the facial throne, and the Lakers continue their woes. So much to talk about and so little time. Actually I had all night to write this. So I guess that doesn’t ... Read More »

New Pope, Things Are Changing

Twitter Takeover This past week a new pope was elected. Times are changing folks. Dwight Howard actually had a good game. Kobe was sidelined during a fade-away. Dahntay Jones didn’t mean to actually injure another player. Things are getting crazy. I don’t like change. This all needs to stop. Let’s go a little more in depth into these situations. Read More »

Andrew Bynow-I’m-Over-This

Twitter Takeover I’m tired. It has nothing to do with indulgence of tasty beverages until 3 or 4 in the morning, only to have to be up at 7 am for work, everyday. No, that’s not the problem, that I can handle. I can handle Kobe being pissed because Dwight Howard doesn’t like to play through pain. Read More »

You’re Not My Doctor

Twitter Takeover Big news coming down the pike over the past few days. The cool draft idea for the Rising Stars Challenge seemed to go well. Whatever the NBA can do to make the All-star weekend experience better for us viewers is always at least worth a shot. Larry Sanders and the Bucks-Block-Party are still making headlines. And oh yeah, ... Read More »

NOLA Taking Flight… Again

Twitter Takeover OK, real quick, in the East – Bosh, Chandler, Deng, George, Holiday, Irving, and Noah. In the West – Aldridge, Duncan, Harden, Lee, Parker, Randolph, Westbrook. Who got snubbed? Brook Lopez and Stephen Curry. Who paid someone to be in the game? Bosh and Aldridge. Seriously who cares about all that? We have bigger things to worry about. ... Read More »

All-Star Twitter Takeover

Twitter Takeover Just like Snoop and Dre in ’92… I can feeeel it. We are nearing the corner. That halfway point between LeBron receiving pre-season votes for league MVP and where he chokes in the playoffs. This is of course also known as the All-Star Break Extravaganza! Actually, I think it’s just All-star weekend, but I like mine better. This ... Read More »

A Whole Bunch Of “Huh?”

Twitter Takeover FOLLOWERS UPDATE: Kobe is closing in on 750,000. While Kobe is trying to break a new record, in Twitter followers (although he has a very long way before before he catches up to teen-heartthob Justin Bieber), his teammate Steve Nash is looking at game-related records. The rest of the NBA news resorts to breakfast cereal, draft busts, and ... Read More »

The Antisocial has Become Social

Twitter Takeover YES! Oh Jesus, thank you Lawd!! I never thought I’d see the day! Praise everything that is holy is this cruel and wretched world. Kobe is finally on Twitter! Look, don’t judge me. There really isn’t an abundance of news-worthy topics to discuss in the NBA right now on Twitter. It’s actually been pretty lame. So when The ... Read More »

AJ Told To Kick Rocks

Twitter Takeover I hope everyone had a great holiday. December 25th, for most of us, is a time to spend with family (even the ones we don’t like), eat lots of food, and watch basketball all day long. That’s normal, right? In any event, we don’t have an abundance of topics to cover this week, but the one big topic ... Read More »