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Podcast: Fantasy Impact of Kings Swap

The trade for Rudy Gay will have an impact on the fantasy production for numerous players on both the Toronto Raptors and Sacramento Kings. DeMarcus Cousins must adjust to another player that needs the ball to make an impact. Isaiah Thomas is back into the starting lineup for the Kings while the Raptors are hoping Greivis Vasquez can generate some ... Read More »

Felton Vital to New York’s Progress

Raymond Felton initially came to New York looking for an opportunity. As he is set to begin his second stint with the Knicks, Felton seeks redemption. Two years ago, served a major role in transforming the New York franchise from a laughing stock, into a playoff caliber team.  Read More »

Year in Review: Carmelo Anthony

Few players spent more time in the headlines or had their Twitter accounts followed more closely than Carmelo Anthony this year. Going into 2010-11, Melo’s status as a member of the Denver Nuggets was in doubt but which uniform he’d be wearing next was anyone’s guess. Speculation swirled, rumors were around every corner and the trade saga paved the way ... Read More »

2011 NBA Playoff X-factors

In every playoff series there is a player that will be menacing to the losing team for the bench points they provide or what coaches call the little things (rebounding, slowing the game down, adding to the team’s chemistry). When teams face off in succession the way they do in playoffs, these player’s performances are often times the difference between ... Read More »

Felton a Find in New York

The New York Knicks new-found success this season can be traced back to a huge free-agent acquisition this summer and it wasn’t just signing power forward Amar’e Stoudemire. The Knicks signed point guard Raymond Felton to a two-year, $15.8 million contract to fill a void in the back-court New York has had for many seasons. Read More »