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Hey Dwight It’s Called Basketball, Try It Sometime

Twitter Takeover Two nights ago the Houston Rockets came into Madison Square Garden to face the New York Knicks. It was the most talked about game this week, but not for reasons Dwight Howard would like to remember. The Golden State Warriors hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder the same night and had an equal excited game that was for all …

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And The Winner Is…

Twitter Takeover Barack Obama you say? No sir, not in my book. I’m not saying I voted for Romney. Technically I can’t say I voted at all, which is especially bad since I demanded you vote last week. (p.s. Don’t tell my moms, she won’t invite me over for Thanksgiving this year.) The true winner in 2012? Daryl Morey.

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You Must Protect The Pec

Twitter Takeover Who are you going to vote for? What? Oh that presidential thing is coming up this year? I had no idea. Nor do I care. Seriously. I’m talking about the NBA All-Star voting. You better get your ballots filled out and submitted. I already sent mine in. I did the paper form so I could write-in James Harden …

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