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The Boys of Summer

The NBA may be having its problems but basketball never sleeps. Professional players may not be suiting up for summer league games or hitting the gym prior to training camp sessions this year, but that doesn’t they quit doing what they do best; play ball. Read More »

NBA Lockout: Can We Be Done Yet?

Twitter Takeover Man a lot has been happening this past week in the basketball world. Players are doing big things, a new basketball league is forming, and I’m still a habitual liar. Are we having fun yet? Yeah, neither are we. But we continue to grind it out for your viewing pleasure. Read More »

Overseas Not Viable for NBA Stars

Basketball’s popularity across the globe provides an opportunity for players to participate in competitive games instead of being unemployed. As the NBA lockout begins its fourth week, additional players with higher profiles are flirting with the idea of spending next season off American soil.  Read More »

NBA Lockout: We’re Still Crying

Twitter Takeover More and more NBA players are headed overseas. Some of them are vacationing while some of them are looking for jobs. Does anybody else think this is crazy? I mean, how is Chris Bosh supposed to prove he’s actually worth the money? How are we supposed to watch Big Baby Davis cry like, well, a big baby? You ... Read More »

Lockout Not Boring For Gilbert Arenas

Twitter Takeover Folks, first let me apologize for not putting out the Twitter Takeover last Friday. In my defense I was still recovering from the announcement that shook the world. Of course I’m talking about the news that Yao Ming was retiring. And I wasn’t exactly mourning the news, but more like trying to salvage my emotions, and dignity. I ... Read More »

NBA Locking Out Fans Too

The lockout couldn’t have come at a worse time for the NBA. Just one year ago, the sports world was focused on where LeBron James was going to play. Now the biggest question is will he have another chance at a title with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The superstar trio had their title aspirations fall two games short, allowing ... Read More »

NBA Lockout, Twitter Style

Twitter Takeover :sniff::sniff: Yes, that’s me crying. Crying over text. I need to stop. I had to switch to a backup computer because I wept so openly starting this story that I cried on the keyboard and it shorted it out. Now my daughter is questioning my manhood. And she probably doesn’t even know what that means. But I can ... Read More »