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Slow Start Haunting the Nets

Nets fans may be interested to know if their team’s away jersey’s are black due to a generous coating of premium grade molasses. Maybe the court side ticket holders can provide insight on the teams odor. The stench of refined sugar cane and grapes would be noticeable. Read More »

Brooklyn Pushing to Win Now

Mikhail Prokhorov is doing all he can to deliver on a promise he made after purchasing the Nets. Following a 12 win season, Prokhorov purchased the team and promised the first title in franchise history would come within five years.  Read More »

Resilient Celtics Move Closer to Finals

Paul Pierce was left alone with the ball on the perimeter just glaring the MVP in the face. Boston was leading by one point with 60 seconds remaining in a pivotal Game 5 and once again turned to its small forward in the clutch.  Read More »

2012 Eastern Conference Finals Preview

There could be no other way for Miami. Its road to the championship had to go through Boston, the same team it faced in the playoffs each of the past two seasons. Miami advanced as Rajon Rondo missed the final two games of the series after suffering a dislocated elbow during a tie-up in the third quarter with Dwyane Wade.  Read More »

Celtics Trio Rips Philadelphia in Game 3

At tip off, the Wells Fargo Center was filled with fans in bright red shirts, buzzing with anticipation for the 76ers. By the time the final buzzer sounded, all that was left were empty red seats and dejected Philadelphia fans. The Celtics seized control of the series, thoroughly dismantling Philadelphia behind an exceptional effort from a trio of stars.  Read More »

Lockout May Force Early Retirements

The extended time off resulting from the NBA lockout could lead to retirement for some NBA stars. Prior to the last NBA lockout in 1999, Michael Jordan retired for the second time and ushered in one of the darkest periods in NBA history. A little over a decade ago, the work stoppage reduced the season to 50 games, resulting in ... Read More »

Garnett Crosses the Line

There’s a reason Kevin Garnett speaks his mind. We’ve almost come to expect he will open his mouth. It’s not because he’s got a valid point, well spoken or a leader of some advocacy, one in which people go to him for wisdom. In fact, Garnett speaks because he lacks wisdom. Read More »