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The Party Has Started

Twitter Takeover Opening night is in the books. The chocolate is hurting my stomach. The little one is going to bad mad when she wakes up and realizes half of her candy is gone. It’s been a good week so far. It feels good to finally have the NBA back in full effect. This week we shared some laughs, we ... Read More »

Lace ‘Em Up

Twitter Takeover Hey boys and girls! This time last year we were discussing various excuses to use to get out of trick-or-treating so we could watch opening day for most of the NBA teams. This year, teams will open up before Halloween night. This saves us from stealing the kids’ candy and lathering our fingers with chocolate while they are ... Read More »

NOLA Taking Flight… Again

Twitter Takeover OK, real quick, in the East – Bosh, Chandler, Deng, George, Holiday, Irving, and Noah. In the West – Aldridge, Duncan, Harden, Lee, Parker, Randolph, Westbrook. Who got snubbed? Brook Lopez and Stephen Curry. Who paid someone to be in the game? Bosh and Aldridge. Seriously who cares about all that? We have bigger things to worry about. ... Read More »

You Must Protect The Pec

Twitter Takeover Who are you going to vote for? What? Oh that presidential thing is coming up this year? I had no idea. Nor do I care. Seriously. I’m talking about the NBA All-Star voting. You better get your ballots filled out and submitted. I already sent mine in. I did the paper form so I could write-in James Harden ... Read More »