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Post-XMAS Recappin’

Twitter Takeover The NBA Christmas Day lineup was supposed to be quite entertaining. It had all the ingredients to be a great day, exclamation on the word HAD. Due to key injured players, like Kobe Bryant, and key injured franchises, like the New York Knicks, this year’s 25th of December was not one to remember. Nonetheless, we will still bring ... Read More »

These Injuries Are Starting To Hurt ME

Twitter Takeover Just as the title states, I know the injured parties are the real ones suffering through the pain but, all these superstars in suits are really starting to kill the vibe. Still haven’t seen Kobe or Rondo on the court, D-Rose out…. AGAIN, and now Anthony “One Brow” Davis. Sigh. It’s affecting my soul. Nonetheless we persevere and ... Read More »

The Party Has Started

Twitter Takeover Opening night is in the books. The chocolate is hurting my stomach. The little one is going to bad mad when she wakes up and realizes half of her candy is gone. It’s been a good week so far. It feels good to finally have the NBA back in full effect. This week we shared some laughs, we ... Read More »

Lace ‘Em Up

Twitter Takeover Hey boys and girls! This time last year we were discussing various excuses to use to get out of trick-or-treating so we could watch opening day for most of the NBA teams. This year, teams will open up before Halloween night. This saves us from stealing the kids’ candy and lathering our fingers with chocolate while they are ... Read More »

Injuries Plague The Playoffs

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Twitter Takeover We are only our first week into the playoffs and the injury bug is biting some big names. In fact, it seems to have consumed an entire back court for one team. Golden State’s David Lee along with the first and second string guards for the L.A. Lakers headline the injury woes. In other news, LeBron James doesn’t ... Read More »

You’re Not My Doctor

Twitter Takeover Big news coming down the pike over the past few days. The cool draft idea for the Rising Stars Challenge seemed to go well. Whatever the NBA can do to make the All-star weekend experience better for us viewers is always at least worth a shot. Larry Sanders and the Bucks-Block-Party are still making headlines. And oh yeah, ... Read More »

Melo Still Holding the Top Spot

Twitter Takeover The NBA is gearing up for the holiday week (formerly known as Christmas week) where we will be witness to five match-ups that could all have playoff implications. Boston at Brooklyn (12 p.m.), New York at LA Lakers (3 p.m.), Oklahoma City at Miami (5:30 p.m.), Houston at Chicago (8 p.m.), Denver at LA Clippers (10:30 p.m.). Read More »

NBA Trade Talks Post-Allstar Game

Twitter Takeover The buzz from the All-Star weekend has settled down as the regular season continues to press on. That also means that we are getting closer to the March 15th trade deadline. Dwight Howard, Monta Ellis, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, and now Atlanta Hawk Josh Smith are all being mentioned everyday. Whether the rumors are viable or not doesn’t ... Read More »

NBA Rumor Mill Is Turning

With the All-Star break in the rear-view mirror, the second half of the season becomes a sprint to the playoffs and also kick starts the trade rumor mill. There are decisions to be made and moves that can make or break a season for multiple teams. Golden State Warriors shooting guard Monta Ellis and Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo ... Read More »

Short Season, Long Injury Report

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