Shooting Guard

2016 Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard Rankings

James Harden Wallpaper

Finding the right combination of skill and opportunity is essential in the first round of any fantasy basketball draft. Only two players averaged at least 25 points, six rebounds and six assists per game last season: LeBron James and James Harden. Only one appeared in all 82 regular season games: Harden. As the Rockets try to claw back to the …

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2015 Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard Rankings

Jimmy Butler Wallpaper

The responsibilities levied on Jimmy Butler increase with each passing season. Selected with the final first round pick of the 2011 NBA Draft, he was initially projected to just compete for a roster spot. His emergence as a defensive stopper carved out Butler a significant place in the rotation during his sophomore season and two years later, he emerged as …

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2014 Fantasy Shooting Guard Rankings

Klay Thompson Wallpaper

Golden State refused to part with Klay Thompson to complete a blockbuster trade to land Kevin Love this summer. For months the Warriors had been pursuing the All-Star power forward, but the inclusion of their rising shooting guard was a deal breaker. 

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2013 Fantasy Shooting Guard Rankings

The scoring punch has been taken out of the shooting guard position. As the offensive burden has shifted towards points guards, shooting guards have become more specialized. The position features potent 3-point shooters, defensive specialists and slashers towards the rim, but rarely a combination of all three.

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2012 Fantasy Shooting Guard Rankings

Four of the top five shooting guards in the league have either changed teams or enter the regular season after undergoing recent surgery. There is plenty of uncertainty at the position, especially with two of the top shooting guards in the league still coming off the bench but with emerging first and second year players, there will be plenty of …

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2011 Fantasy Shooting Guard Rankings

Just about every prominent shooting guard has either switched teams or been in the center of trade rumors during the abbreviated off season. With superstar players up for grabs at other positions, shooting guards have slowly evolved into offensive or defensive specialists. By becoming more specified, each team employs different roles for the position. 

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2010 Closeout: Shooting Guard Rankings

Over one third of the starting shooting guards in the league didn’t begin the season as the starter. A slew of injuries combined with a lack of production has provoked the changes. Three rookies are starting at shooting guard and a second round pick has provided the largest impact.

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2010 Tip-off: Shooting Guard Rankings

No position was tougher to rank than the shooting guards. Honestly, the sixth ranking could be swapped out to No. 14 and it wouldn’t cause too much of an uproar. No question there have been stars entering the league as two guards, the unfortunate part is they haven’t had a chance to be called the best at the position. Ever …

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