Point Guard

2016 Fantasy Basketball Point Guard Rankings

Stephen Curry Wallpaper

Plenty of questions surround Stephen Curry as he enters his eighth season in the NBA. By adding the most dynamic scorer in the league — as Golden State signed Kevin Durant to a two-year, $52 million contract this summer — fantasy owners are wondering how his presence will impact the production of Curry. For the third time in his career, Curry set …

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2015 Fantasy Basketball Point Guard Rankings

John Wall Wallpaper

The instant Washington won the draft lottery in 2010, it prepared to turn the franchise over to John Wall. The combination of handles, agility, speed and athleticism enabled the 6-foot-4 guard to become the franchise player the first time he ever put on a Wizards jersey. Washington has slowly added pieces around him, but for the team to take the …

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2014 Fantasy Point Guard Rankings

Kyle Lowry

There are no more reasons to overlook Kyle Lowry. Not only was Toronto’s point guard snubbed from the Eastern Conference All-Star squad, he was left off each of the three All-NBA teams even after leading the Raptors to a division title, 48 victories and boasting incredible numbers. 

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2013 Fantasy Point Guard Rankings

The point guard position is easily has the deepest talent pool for fantasy owners. Of the projected starters at the position next season, 1/3 have appeared in an All-Star game and five more young prospects could potentially earn a nomination this year. 

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2012 Fantasy Point Guard Rankings

No position has been more consistently infused with talent over the past 15 years than point guard. With inspiring play from a rookie from Spain a season ago to the emerging front runner for Rookie of the Year honors this season, no position will produce more quality fantasy options than point guard.

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2011 Fantasy Point Guard Rankings

Each season the point guard position continues to distinguish itself as the leagues most talented group. One third of the starting point guards in the NBA have been selected to an All-Star team during their career.

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Point Guard Rankings 2010 Closeout

Point Guard Rankings No position in the NBA is deeper than the point guard. The following list is a comprehensive Point Guard Rankings list of who we think will have break out performances in 2011. Of the 30 starters in the NBA, 12 have been to an All-Star game and the list will grow by at least one with the …

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2010 Tip-off: Point Guard Rankings

It’s no coincidence eight of the top-10 players on this list guided their teams to the playoffs a season ago. Over the past few years, no position in the NBA has been infused with more talent than the point guard. Last season, the top two scoring performances came from points guards. This summer when Team USA competed for the FIBA …

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