2014 Fantasy Center Rankings

Al Jefferson Wallpaper

Al Jefferson removed any misconceptions about his game during his debut season in Charlotte. During the first nine years of his career, the 6-foot-10 center from Mississippi was relegated to putting up phenomenal numbers on lottery bound teams. While in Boston, he was the promising young center on a team looking to rebuild. Then he was dealt to Minnesota as …

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2014 Fantasy Power Forward Rankings

Kenneth Faried Wallpaper

Denver has one month to decide how much to offer Kenneth Faried. Days before the 6-foot-8 forward traveled to Las Vegas to try out for a roster spot on Team USA, the Nuggets were exploring trade offers centered around their starting forward as they made a late push for Kevin Love. Any offer Denver could put together was trounced by …

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2014 Fantasy Small Forward Rankings

Kawhi Leonard Wallpaper

Seemingly every time Kawhi Leonard has played a game for San Antonio, his team has posted a victory. In Leonard’s 188 career appearances, the Spurs have posted a record of 146-42, meaning the team has won nearly 78 percent of its regular season games since drafting him three years ago. Only his success on the court hasn’t exactly translated into …

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2014 Fantasy Shooting Guard Rankings

Klay Thompson Wallpaper

Golden State refused to part with Klay Thompson to complete a blockbuster trade to land Kevin Love this summer. For months the Warriors had been pursuing the All-Star power forward, but the inclusion of their rising shooting guard was a deal breaker. 

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2014 Fantasy Point Guard Rankings

Kyle Lowry

There are no more reasons to overlook Kyle Lowry. Not only was Toronto’s point guard snubbed from the Eastern Conference All-Star squad, he was left off each of the three All-NBA teams even after leading the Raptors to a division title, 48 victories and boasting incredible numbers. 

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Rubio Not What Minnesota Expected

Minnesota refused to offer Kevin Love, the leagues leading rebounder and second leading scorer a fifth year on his contract extension. The team was infatuated with the potential of point guard Ricky Rubio and wanted to save its maximum contract offer for him. 

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2013 Fantasy Center Rankings

As teams move away from setting up their offense in the post, the importance of the center has deteriorated. No player at the position averaged 20 points a game and just three posted 10 or more rebounds on a nightly basis. 

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2013 Fantasy Power Forward Rankings

The territory power forwards are expected to cover is ever expanding. As teams place a greater emphasis on floor spacing, the position no longer requires post position to thrive on the offensive end. As the stretch forward is becomes more prominent throughout the league, offenses are counting on effective 3-point shooting from the position. 

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2013 Fantasy Small Forward Rankings

The first two players selected in a fantasy basketball draft this year will have to be at the small forward position. Kevin Durant just submitted the most efficient shooting performance in league history and LeBron James still ran away with MVP honors. 

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2013 Fantasy Shooting Guard Rankings

The scoring punch has been taken out of the shooting guard position. As the offensive burden has shifted towards points guards, shooting guards have become more specialized. The position features potent 3-point shooters, defensive specialists and slashers towards the rim, but rarely a combination of all three.

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