2016 Fantasy Basketball Center Rankings


The 66 double-doubles Andre Dummond posted last season were the most any player has totaled in the past eight years. Drummond set the tone for his year on opening night, as he posted 18 points, 19 rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal during a victory over Atlanta. The success continued for the next 15 games, as he registered a double-double …

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2015 Fantasy Basketball Center Rankings

Utah couldn’t leave Rudy Gobert on the bench any longer. The All-Star break is when the team finally committed to the change, after starting Gobert just eight times during the first 53 games of the season, the Jazz cleared the path for him to permanently start by dealing away Enes Kanter to Oklahoma City. The move revealed Gobert, the player …

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2014 Fantasy Center Rankings

Al Jefferson Wallpaper

Al Jefferson removed any misconceptions about his game during his debut season in Charlotte. During the first nine years of his career, the 6-foot-10 center from Mississippi was relegated to putting up phenomenal numbers on lottery bound teams. While in Boston, he was the promising young center on a team looking to rebuild. Then he was dealt to Minnesota as …

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2013 Fantasy Center Rankings

As teams move away from setting up their offense in the post, the importance of the center has deteriorated. No player at the position averaged 20 points a game and just three posted 10 or more rebounds on a nightly basis. 

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2012 Fantasy Center Rankings

As fans tuned into the NBA Finals in record numbers, what really was on display was the minimization of the center. For both Oklahoma City and Miami, production from the center position was irrelevant, as Joel Anthony and Ronny Turiaf, the only true centers on the Heat roster combined to play just five minutes. 

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2011 Fantasy Center Rankings

Center has become an extremely compartmentalized position. If a player is a certain size and eight, possesses just one skill, there is a roster space available. The two largest free agent deals this off season went to centers that haven’t went to an All-Star game or carry their franchise. 

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2010 Closeout: Center Rankings

The center position is back. For the past few years, the All-Star game was just a way for Shaquille O’Neal, Yao Ming and Dwight Howard to display their dominance at the position. This season there can actually be a debate about which players deserve the nod at center for the All-Star Game in Los Angeles.

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2010 Tip-off: Center Rankings

Only one center averaged over 20 points per game last season and he’ll now be playing power forward for the Golden State Warriors. Centers have gone from the focal point of the offense to a team’s clean-up crew. Few plays are designed specifically for centers, they have to get their points by crashing the offensive glass and slamming home rebounds. …

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