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Hassan Whiteside WallpaperThe days of the lockdown defender in the paint were supposed to be long gone.

Clearly, Hassan Whiteside was never informed.

The Heat are swatting away the second most shots in the league, with over 59 percent of its total rejections coming from Whiteside. 

Miami’s anchor in the middle is single-handedly sending back more shot attempts than 20 percent of the teams in the NBA.

The 7-footer has turned back 82 shots, more blocks than Detroit (65 blocks), Washington (66), Dallas (75), Cleveland (78), Memphis (79) and Phoenix (79) have totaled nearly a quarter of the way into the season.

The block total equals what the Pacers have managed as a team, even though Whiteside has played in one fewer game.

The 4.6 blocks per game Whiteside is averaging would equate to the 19th best total among all teams through the early portion of the 2015-16 campaign.

In 18 appearances, Whiteside has registered at least two blocks in each game and is responsible for five of the 18 performances of six or more blocks this season.

During a loss to Minnesota earlier in the year, Whiteside totaled 22 points, 14 rebounds and 10 blocks, marking the second time in as many seasons he recorded a triple-double without one of the categories being an assist. He is the only active player to record such a triple-double.

The frequency in which Whiteside is rejecting shots is unprecedented in the modern NBA, as teams routinely abandon post play in favor of setting up on the perimeter.

During a 14-year period, stretching from the 1982-83 season to 1995-96, the leading shot blocker in the league rejected at least 300 shots.

No active player has rejected 250 shots in a single season and Marcus Camby was the last player to notch the total, swatting 285 shots during the 2007-08 season.

Hassan Whiteside has rejected more shots than six NBA teams have this season.
Miami center Hassan Whiteside has rejected 32 more shots than anyone else in the league this season.

The 82 blocks Whiteside has posted through 18 games puts him on pace to reject over 360 shots, placing him on a trajectory to post the sixth most blocks ever in a single year.

The last player to finish a season with more than four blocks per game was Dikembe Mutombo in 1995-96 and Hakeem Olajuwon was the last player to reject over 4.5 per game, equaling Whiteside’s total in 1980-90.

The only true competitors for Whiteside in terms of blocked shots are historical.

Whiteside has rejected 32 more shots than any other player, DeAndre Jordan ranks second in the league with 50 blocks, but has played two more games.

If Whiteside is able to maintain his lofty block average, he will set an NBA record for the largest disparity between the league leader and the runner up in blocks ever.

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis — pursuing his third straight shot blocking title — ranks second in the league in blocks per game at 2.56, more than 1.9 fewer than Whiteside.

Miami is perched atop the Eastern Conference standings with a 12-6 record behind its suffocating defense. The Heat surrender 92.2 points per game, only San Antonio is allowing fewer, and limit the opposition to 40.7 percent shooting from the field, the best in the league.

A large part of the low field goal percentage stems from opponents being hesitant to challenge Whiteside, especially in the paint. According to NBA.com, the former Marshall star is holding foes to 4.7 percent below their expected shooting percentage.

Hassan Whiteside is averaging 4.6 blocks per game this season.
Heat center Hassan Whiteside needs 213 more blocks to surpass Alonzo Mourning’s single-season franchise record.

According to BasketballReference.com, the presence of Whiteside is responsible of saving Miami 5.4 points per 100 possessions ranks second only to Tim Duncan this season.

Most of the points saved are shots flung back to the player that dared to test Whiteside.

The 26-year-old is on pace to set the record for block percentage, a statistic that measures the number of 2-point shots blocked by a particular player per 100 attempts.

Whiteside has a block percentage of 12.2 percent, 1.39 percent better than 10.81 Manute Bol posted twice during his career.

Miami brought Whiteside in on a minimum contract last year based on the potential he has shown protecting the rim. When he becomes a free agent this summer, Whiteside will likely land a max-contract based on his ability to block shots.

Every attempt at the rim against Miami is just another opportunity for Whiteside to reject another chance and move closer to having a historic season.

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