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Timberwolves Win 2015 NBA Draft Lottery

Minnesota Timberwolves WallpaperMinnesota has shown a knack for collecting first overall picks over the past 10 months.

After dealing away perennial All-Star forward Kevin Love a year before he became an unrestricted free agent, the team was able to land Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins.

The Timberwolves managed a 16-66 record with the duo, but achieved their biggest victory of the season Tuesday night. 

Minnesota became the first team in 10 years to finish with the worst overall record in the league and capitalize on the 25 percent chance of winning the lottery.

Orlando was the last team to win the right to select the first pick in the draft after posting the lowest win total in the league in 2004.

The draft lottery went as expected, as the teams with the fifth through fourteenth best odds all remained in place, with the first surprise of the night being New York, the team with the second best odds, falling to fourth place.

Once the Knicks were removed from the equation, the final three teams standing were the 76ers, Timberwovles and Lakers.

Philadelphia will continue its quest to find franchise caliber players in the draft with the third overall pick next summer.

The Lakers had the most on the line entering the night, with the fourth best odds to claim the top pick. If Los Angeles fell outside of the the top-5, their choice would have gone to the 76ers as part of the Steve Nash deal two years ago.

The team jumped two spots to claim the second pick, paving the way for Minnesota to select first overall.

Kobe Bryant

The Timberwolves are hoping the first overall pick of 2015 will be able to provide a foundation to become a playoff team.

In the franchise’s 26-year history, the team has qualified for the post season just eight times and has logged just seven winning seasons.

Minnesota has missed the playoffs in each of past 11 seasons, the longest active streak in the NBA.

The Clippers hold the all-time record with 15 consecutive seasons without a post season berth, but if the Timberwolves fail to qualify next season, they will tie Golden State for the second longest drought of all-time.

While Minnesota has selected in the draft lottery 18 times, it has never won the draft lottery. The team has made a top-5 pick nine times and Derrick Williams, the second overall pick in 2011, was the highest choice the team has ever made.

Bennett was surprisingly the first overall selection of the 2013 NBA Draft, while Wiggins was chosen with the top pick the following year after being billed the top player in his class for years.

In his first season with the Timberwolves, Wiggins exceeded all expectations, becoming the NBA Rookie of the Year and the lone unanimous selection for the NBA’s all-rookie team after he lead all rookies in scoring at 16.9 points per game to go along with 4.6 rebounds and 2.1 assists.

At times, Wiggins was taking on entire teams by himself.

Minnesota just landed plenty of help for Wiggins Tuesday night.

The First Round Selections of the 2015 NBA Draft

Minnesota Timberwolves logo1. Minnesota Timberwolves

Los Angeles Lakers logo2. Los Angeles Lakers

Philadelphia 76ers logo3. Philadelphia 76ers

New York Knicks logo4. New York Knicks

Orlando Magic Logo5. Orlando Magic

Sacramento Kings Logo6. Sacramento Kings

Denver Nuggets logo7. Denver Nuggets

Detroit Pistons logo8. Detroit Pistons

Charlotte Hornets Logo9. Charlotte Hornets

Miami Heat logo10. Miami Heat

Indiana Pacers logo11. Indiana Pacers

Utah Jazz logo12. Utah Jazz

Phoenix Suns logo13. Phoenix Suns

Oklahoma City Thunder logo14. Oklahoma City Thunder

Atlanta Hawks logo15. Atlanta Hawks (from Brooklyn)

Boston Celtics logo16. Boston Celtics

Milwaukee Bucks logo17. Milwaukee Bucks

Houston Rockets logo18. Houston Rockets (from New Orleans)

Washington Wizards logo19. Washington Wizards

Toronto Raptors logo20. Toronto Raptors

Dallas Mavericks logo21. Dallas Mavericks

Chicago Bulls logo22. Chicago Bulls

Portland Trail Blazers logo23. Portland Trail Blazers

Cleveland Cavaliers logo24. Cleveland Cavaliers

Memphis Grizzlies logo25. Memphis Grizzlies

San Antonio Spurs logo26. San Antonio Spurs

Los Angeles Lakers logo27. Los Angeles Lakers (from Houston)

Boston Celtics logo28. Boston Celtics (from Los Angeles Clippers)

Brooklyn Nets Logo29. Brooklyn Nets (from Atlanta)

Golden State Warriors logo30. Golden State Warriors

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