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As we gear up for the All-star break one thing is for certain, we have to prepare ourselves for the trade deadline. We have to ready our minds for the trade that could change the direction of power in the NBA. We have to be ready for anything, even if we don’t want to think of it. This year, we witnessed Toronto getting (Rudy) Gay in a three-way (trade).

Superstar Crosses Conferences, Oden Looking For Work, Roy Set-back Again

So far the only trade that is getting any media time is the deal that sent forward Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors.

A handfull of players’ lives were changed in one fell swoop. Here’s a emotionally sensitive outlook on the movement.

Business is business, and numbers are numbers.

On the surface losing Gay doesn’t look like the best move for Memphis.

With no real scoring threats in the Grizzles’ backcourt maybe they can resurrect someone’s career to lead the team.

My bad, maybe not. In any event the Grizz’s leadership could have probably handled the trade a little better.

Can a brother get a tweet or something? Geez. As far as the Raptors are concerned, it doesn’t look like aquiring Rudy Gay is the only move. (I could’ve told you that.)

With the impending movement, this trade may have opened the floodgates.

Thanks for the assist Dave. From one 2006 draftee to another, Brandon Roy is making a few small headlines. Unfortunately it’s nothing good.

It seems there are other players, however, that are making some headway in getting off the injured reserve.

Huh? Chris Bosh still plays basketball? That reminds me of some other news I could care less about.

Pffff (<— that’s me farting in Kyle Korver’s general direction.)


Oh nice. Really? Come on. Unacceptable. Quickly, I need something uplifting.

Thank you. There’s nothing that bad where a bunch of kids with a Kid-N-Play hair style won’t cheer me up. Here’s a quick Lakers update: They still suck. But at least they suck together now.

And Kobe is still making news and trying to set records.

And Howard is excited about the All-star game.

Too bad for Lakers’ fans this is the most relevant photo to their team.

But don’t be too upset, the Top 5 Tweets of the Week are back.

That’s better.

#5 Marcel Mutoni is a known Lakers fans, even though I’m sure he doesn’t that to define him this year. Nonetheless he is not happy with the team’s performance, and know it could possibly getting violent.

#4 I know Christmas is over but I can’t pass up this picture, even if it is a sad form of self-promotion. As they say in the Twitter world, #fearthebeard

#3 HPbasketball has been a little childish lately. Greg Wissinger is suggesting his day of reckoning may be inevident.

#2 The fact that this Tweep calls himself Not Bill Walton makes this funny tweet that much better. Plus he makes fun of Chris Bosh. Can’t go wrong with that.

#1 NBA Blogger Andrew Ungvari understands the importance of Greg Oden coming back to the NBA, or lack there of. Strong work, sir, very strong.

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