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Yesterday we watched two potential playoff matches as the Los Angeles Lakers played host to the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat rolled into Madison Square Garden as the New York Knicks tried to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Of course, it being this late in the season, injuries become a very important factor for teams fighting for the Larry O’Brien trophy. This week we center on the Knicks and the Lakers playoff hopes and injuries.

Lakers Want Kobe Back, Knicks Just Want to Get on Track

The Heat already locked up a playoff berth while the Knicks are still scratching to find a consistent identity that wins games.

Me? As a Sixers fan at heart, it pains me to say I’m actually pulling for the Knicks to give the Eastern Conference some competition this post-season. However, If I was a betting man, I got whoever the Knicks are playing. Reason being? Because New York always seems to “Knick it up” and ruin something good. The good you ask?

The bad.

The ugly.

I stated that teams fighting for a playoff spot are extremely concerned with injuries this time a year. And being concerned would be an understatement for New York. It’s paramount, and this doesn’t help things.

But let’s not take anything away from the Heat, with the exception of poor mistakes which forced too many turnovers, they played a great game and got nearly everyone involved. In fact, here’s something we haven’t seen in a while.

And we can’t talk Heat without mentioning this man and this year of his well-deserved recognition.

On the other side of the continental U.S., the Lakers are dealing with injury problems of their own. However, L.A. has done a good job at still maintaining their current level of play without their superstar.

Some folks don’t see Kobe making it back to the lineup until the playoffs start. Kobe has other plans.

In the event that Bryant doesn’t get back into live action before the regular season is over, it leaves the scoring title within reach for an MVP hopeful. Winning the scoring title might actually give him the votes he needs to top the MVP-favorite, LeBron James.

With only 11 days left until the regular season ends we will keep our eyes on those teams and the injuries impacting the playoff-bound squads. However, right now use your eyes to feast on this week’s Top 5 Tweets of the Week.

#5 Sure the San Antonio Spurs already clinch a division title, but I’m there are times when Head Coach Gregg Popovich feels like bringing the pain. Mutoni has the scoop.

#4 Howard Beck is a thoughtful man. He knows the right words to use to make anyone feel welcome in the Big Apple. He just chooses not to use them. Follow Beck here.

#3 There’s always one guy per generation that is considered the “Bruiser on the Court/Sideshow.” Our’s is Ron Artest, AKA (I refuse to call him)Metta World Peace. You can follow more NBA Guru by clicking here.

#2 Kobe Bryant attacks any problem with an iron fist, and we have fun exaggerating it. Netw3rk dials it in. You can follow him here.

#1 I think the imminent post-season is exciting Myles Brown because he’s become a little snippy as of late. Help Brown by following him here.

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