The Beginning of the End

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It’s that calm before the storm. It’s that moment right before the doo-doo really starts hitting the fan. It’s when you start to feel that tingling in your ba…. uhh, my bad.

The trade deadline signifies two things. 1) Let’s watch the New York Knicks do something stupid (or as we have coined it here at Shatter the Glass, Knick-it-up) and 2) enjoy the beginning of the mad dash to the finish. You know, when the superstars actually start giving a rat’s keyster and play some real ball.

Bynum Loves Being Ejected, Players Play Hard, and Bonzi Wells… wait, what?

I must say this year has been quite abnormal. The aforementioned superstars have actually seemed to be giving it their all thus far throughout the season. I think the abnormality has stemmed from the shortened season. For instance…

And like I said, the players have been giving it their all lately. Take Andrew Bynum for instance. Not only does he play hard, but he just goes hard all the way around.

Of course, leave it to ESPN to ruin a good time.

And nowadays players are always getting over-analyzed. Blake Griffin for example, he’s a talent player with a mean launch and exciting to watch. Right? Wrong….

I’m saying I get it, but it still hurt my head. But do you remember when players used to go hard? I mean really GO HARD.

And no you can’t tell me nothing about the superstars we have playing in the league today.

I rest my case. But not everyone out of Melo’s draft class is a slacker like him. This guy, love him or hate him, has been on his grind for quite some time.

King James and Co. have recently welcomed yet another new teammate to South Beach.

As the Miami Heat make the push with the rest of the playoffs locks and hopefuls, all of us at home can rest easy tonight knowing that Bonzi Wells has a job playing basketball. Yeah, I said it.

#5 A few years ago David Stern implemented certain rules and dress codes to “clean-up” the NBA’s image. It was known as the Iverson Effect. Looks like with all the new foreign talent Stern needs to revamp again. Mutoni has the scoop.

#4 I told you the shortened season is forcing people to work extra hard. Reporters are no exception. Especially of someone’s caliber like Russ Bengtson. You can follow him here.

#3 Did you hear the great news?! Allen Iverson is playing ball again! He’s going to play for the Dominican Republic. It looks like Myles Brown got wind of this early and is planning to capitalize on it. See if it works out by following him here.

#2 Well it was a nice try, but it looks like Stern couldn’t rid the NBA of the hip-hop culture completely. Mutoni has the insight.

#1 What’s better than women? That’s right, more of them. M. Brown will explain. Enjoy.

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