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It has been two full weeks since New York Knicks‘ point guard Jeremy Lin started his fast emergence into the NBA spotlight. (Let me take a second and toot the Shatter the Glass horn because we were one of the first to put you on to Lin.) The dust has since settled and everyone is starting to calm down a little.


The TV coverage on Lin doesn’t stop. No matter what time you turn on ESPN, chances are you will see Lin’s mug within three minutes, if it wasn’t already on when you turned the TV on. Lin has been labeled as a savior for the Knicks, who desperatly needed a true baller at the point, and has thrust NY back into the sports limelight.

 New York, New York, and New York

Half way through the week the news broke that the Knicks had bolstered up their arsenal by signing JR Smith. The news broke from JR himself.

The signing was confirmed…

… and the whirlwind started. The lineup that the Knicks produced was enough for the TV networks to recognize and make the proper adjustments.

As if Jeremy Lin and the acquisition of Smith wasn’t enough, the news of point guard Baron Davis playing again made the Knicks even that much more prominent in the news-worthy realm.

However, even after all that, the Knicks are still the Knicks.

It appears that the hype is effecting everyone.

Good news for the Knicks is that apparently the hype-loss doesn’t rely solely on their shoulders.

And just when it couldn’t get any worse…

Did they really have to go there?

So I may have been telling stories about the Knicks flooding the Twitter world, there are some other news-worthy stories to touch on. For instance, here are a couple players that continue to dominate the post game and put up major numbers.

And one thing to keep in the back of your mind, a team back in Seattle?

#5 JR Smith had settled his contract with his Chinese team and made the jump over the Pacific pond, but not before he was mentored by a former-Knick. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Marcel Mutoni reported, get more from him here.

#4 Another one from Mutoni who apparently is not too impressed with the lineup for the dunk contest this year. Although, who can blame him?

#3 Earlier this week LeBron James was asked if he would go back to play in Cleveland one day. He didn’t rule it out. He didn’t not rule it out either. He didn’t not rule out ruling it out or not ruling it out. Maybe Russ Bengtson can explain it better. Follow him by clicking here.

#2 If you are a true Knicks fan, the name Allan Houston makes you cringe. Add the words “max contract” to that sentence and now you are scouring the kitchen drawers for the steak knife. Caution: This tweet is just a joke. Please step back from the edge of the building.

#1 I don’t know why, but this tweet totally makes me never want to eat fast food again.

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