NBA Week 1: Everything We Hoped For

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The first week of the NBA regular season is almost wrapped up. Was it everything you were wishing for? When I prayed to the basketball gods this off-season I says, “Dear highest holy Naismith, if you could please, I would really enjoy an awesome Christmas Day match-up(s), some NBA player to publicly tell people to shut up, and see some goofball like Kris Humphries marry one of the Kardashian girls. But not more than say, two-and-a-months, because that would just be crazy.” Let’s just say I got hooked up this holiday.

Blatche Tells Off Critics, Perkins Tells Off C-Webb, Kim Tells Off Kris

Oh man, now I feel like telling this guy off. Wait, that’s not really a dis is it? Oh well, “I’LL TELL YOU WHY. CAUSE THE PEOPLE LOVE IT!!!”

You know what else the people love? Drama and controversy. And that’s why the Andray Blatche story was blown way out of proportion.

At first glance this sounds pretty mean. But it really wasn’t. It was just blown out of proportion.

This doesn’t sound that bad to me. I mean, just this morning I told my mailman to shut up. We both had a laugh and shrugged it off. Blatche should have issued another “shut up” to the people who had a problem with him saying “shut up” the first time. Like this guy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Knucklehead?! How dare you call somebody a knucklehead. Such foul language!

Drama. Anyways…

When Chris Webber isn’t busy calling timeouts he doesn’t have, he enjoys bashing NBA players. His latest target: Kendrick Perkins.

Amen brother. Next thing you know he’s going to make stupid comments about how you’re not a one-on-one defender.

Drama. Anyways…

Derrick Rose, watch out.

With comments like that he’s going to be compared to other ball-hogs like Kobe Bryant. Speaking of Kobe Bryant… No, too much drama, we don’t have enough time here.

Just two quick tidbits of info and then we will jump into the Top 5 Tweets of the Week.

#5 I promised Kardashian drama too. I’m a little dissapointed in Myles Brown for even watching this show. I guess his comedy saves his image. Follow Brown by clicking here.

#4 The next three come from our friend Marcel Mutoni and his love for the Celtics. Now you know its not nice to make fun of the elderly, but it sure is funny. More from Mutoni here.

#3 It’s hard to remain interested in some things when they become bland. The Heat feel this way about the C’s defense.

#2 Rules are rules and Marcel brings up a good point here. No special treatments!

#1 Ok Myles, you have totally redeemed yourself with this tweet.

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