Year in Review: Carmelo Anthony

Few players spent more time in the headlines or had their Twitter accounts followed more closely than Carmelo Anthony this year.

Going into 2010-11, Melo’s status as a member of the Denver Nuggets was in doubt but which uniform he’d be wearing next was anyone’s guess.

Speculation swirled, rumors were around every corner and the trade saga paved the way for what will probably be remembered as the most ridiculous trade deadline ever.

Today we take a look back at what will likely be remembered as the most unsettled and transitional year of Anthony’s career, not to mention one of the most dramatic and unpredictable.

July 10, 2010- The Infamous Toast at Carmelo Anthony’s Wedding

Chris Paul makes a bold prediction at Anthony’s wedding that he and Amar’e Stoudemire (who was also in attendance) will join forces with Anthony in an attempt to create their own trifecta of superstars to combat LeBron James’ then recent union with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Some took the comments lightly, others saw as the first sign that Anthony’s future could lie away from Denver, where he was reportedly offered a three year, $65 million extension.


September 20, 2010- Denver Entertains Offers for Carmelo Anthony

The Nuggets make it known that they will listen to offers for the star after Anthony justifies the rumors by saying that Chicago or New York would be his preferred destinations. The Nuggets nearly agree to a four team trade five days later that would have sent Anthony to New Jersey with Charlotte and Utah getting involved, but that possibility quickly died.


October 28, 2010- Carmelo Anthony Refuses to Sign Extension from Denver

Anthony makes it publicly known that he would like to head in a new direction, by saying “It’s time for a change,” just before the Nuggets season opener making it clear he had no intention of taking Denver’s offer.


November 21, 2010- Carmelo Anthony Expresses Interest in New Jersey

Anthony breathes hope into the Nets’ dream of getting the super star by admitting that the prospect of joining forces with Jay-Z and new owner Mikhail Prokhorov in the year in which they move to Brooklyn was tempting to him. His words sparked a two month long negotiation between New Jersey and Denver in which the Nets tried several different avenues to get a deal done.


January 10, 2011- Denver Becomes Frustrated in Trade Negotiations

The Nuggets express anger about leaks in the press and say that they’ll pull the plug on a deal with New Jersey over the matter. On the other side, New Jersey’s frustrations were compiling with the deal as they watched Anthony average 25 points per night heading into the All-Star break.


January 19, 2011- New Jersey Ends Negotiations for Carmelo Anthony

After Anthony publicly says that it would be a dream come true to play in New York, Prokhorov and the Nets declare they are ending negotiations with Denver over the player.


February 7, 2011- Carmelo Anthony Drops 50 in Loss to the Rockets

While New York began orchestrating the three team deal that would ultimately bring Melo to the Knicks, Anthony scores 50 against Houston just to remind everyone what all the fuss is about. Three days later, he would torch Dallas for 42 points in front of the home crowd at the Pepsi Center.


February 18, 2011- New York Closes in on a Trade for Carmelo Anthony

As he prepared to start in his final All-Star game as a member of the Western Conference, Anthony met with the Knicks in Los Angeles to attempt to hammer out a deal. Three days later, he would have his wish.


February 21, 2010- Knicks Complete Trade for Carmelo Anthony

The saga finally came to a conclusion, as Anthony and teammates Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman head to New York with Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and center Timofey Mozgov heading in the other direction. With his dream move finally completed, all eyes were set on New York to see how he’d fulfill the hype.


February 23, 2010- Carmelo Anthony Debuts with the Knicks

Anthony scores 27 in his Knick debut against Milwaukee as New York wins 114-108. Even though it was extremely evident that the Knicks had issues with this team, the fans at Madison Square Garden were alive again knowing that true superstar power in the form of Anthony and Stoudemire was again on the court in New York and for years to come.


April 19, 2011- Carmelo Anthony Lights Up Boston in Game 2 Loss

Anthony drops 42 against the Celtics in Game 2 of their opening round series. After helping the team recover toward the end of the season, Anthony led the Knicks into the playoffs as their primary scorer. It was the first time the franchise had been back to the postseason in 10 years and with their record being just over .500 at 42-40, the Knicks were once again relevant.


April 24, 2011- Celtics Complete Sweep of Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks

Despite scoring 32 points in his final game, Anthony watched from the bench as the Celtics completed their four game sweep of New York, thus ending the revival in the Big Apple.

While Anthony may not have been able to guide the Knicks to an upset by himself, he has New York fans excited about basketball again. That in itself is an achievement, but lockout could prove disastrous to the progress the Knicks have made. One of the biggest story lines of next season will undoubtedly be the Knicks and what kind of progress they’re able to make during what could be a prolonged offseason.

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