Wednesday Highlight Reel

The holiday season got underway this week with enough dunks to put NBA Jam to shame.

Much like the iconic video game, the top plays haven’t come at just the offensive end.  It seemed like gravity wasn’t a factor in the league this week as so many shots were sent back.

With that in mind, Shatter the Glass looks back at the Top -5 dunks and blocks of the last week.

Top Dunks of the Week:

5. Andre Iguodala-Philadelphia 76ers

Good Philadelphia defense leads to two dunks for Iguodala in 12 seconds against the Heat. The first one is a beautiful jam created by his own defensive work. The second was a different story. Iguodala was fortunate that his fall at the offensive end didn’t cost the 76ers defensively. Instead, a sloppy mistake by LeBron James allows him to wind up for the windmill without anybody within 15 feet.


4. Marvin Williams-Atlanta Hawks

Ronny Turiaf has developed a knack for being posterized this season. Williams turns the corner takes off and sails by Turiaf who never had a chance at the Hawks forward. He’s off to a slow start this season offensively but maybe this will get his game going.


3. Rudy Gay– Memphis Grizzlies

Cleaning up a missed jumper, Gay makes the highlight reel with the put back jam of the week. Memphis was heavily out rebounded by the Warriors on the night, but Gay shows that if you make the most of the ones you get, you can still win the game.


2. DeJuan Blair– San Antonio Spurs

Emeka Okafor is good at blocking shots, but this just proves that no matter how good you are, you can get embarrassed any night by anybody in this league. Nice powerful finish from Blair. As if the Spurs needed more depth.


1. Russell Westbrook-Oklahoma City Thunder

After announcing that he won’t be participating in the dunk contest, Westbrook proceeded to jerk a tear out of every dunk contest lover with this lift off. Watch the air time as a point guard takes dunk of the week.


Top Blocks of the Week:

5. Kris Humphries– New Jersey Nets

Having his name all over the internet for different reasons, Humphries is also making headlines for his play. This block on LaMarcus Aldridge of may be the highlight of his career and is the signature play of his breakout season.


4. Michael Beasley– Minnesota Timberwolves

Beasley makes it back into the highlights as he gets up to swat this attempt from Dorrell Wright. Notice how quickly Beasley rises to impede Wright’s path to the basket cleanly.


3. Jeff Green– Oklahoma City Thunder

This one makes the countdown because of the hustle. Green tracks down Chris Paul, one of the quickest players in the league from across the court to reject this one. The Thunder would win the game handing New Orleans their fifth loss of the season.


2. Nene– Denver Nuggets

Stuffed. That’s all you can say about how bad Omer Asik gets embarrassed here. Nene doesn’t just wrestle the ball out of mid air, he returns Asik himself to the floor just as quickly.


1. Amar’e Stoudemire-New York Knicks

This comes in at No. 1 because it saved the Knicks the game. New York hasn’t won too may games because of its defense this season but Stoudemire proves the increase in his shot blocking this season is no fluke.


Trick shot of the Week:

Jon Guth- Most of the people they pull out to shoot the half court shots during half time don’t come close, and most of them don’t have a car on the line. You have to hand it to Guth here, he even called glass before he shot it. Impressive.

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