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The Christmas holiday always showcases some of the best match-ups that the NBA can offer. This year will be no different as the Orlando Magic play host to the Boston Celtics, and the Miami Heat travel to play the LA Lakers, tomorrow. But Christmas already came early for some (depending on how you look at it), may not come until after the actual weekend for others, and some are living like its a holiday, everyday of the week.

On That Twitter Tip

The Good

When I’m talking about those who are living like it’s a holiday everyday, I’m of course talking about the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs have been a “giant killer” thus far into the NBA season. They are destroying opposing teams’ winning streaks like they were called by a higher power to do so. Oh you have a nice win streak going on? Better hope you don’t have to play Dallas. Don’t believe me? Just check the stats.

The Bad

Who got the early present you ask? The Orlando Magic, although giving up crowd-pleaser Vince Carter, they were able to bring in Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, and welcomed back Hedo Turkolu. So why is this in the “bad” section? Is this bad for the Magic? No. See, it’s bad for the rest of the league. The Miami Heat had a slower-than-expected start. But let’s face it, they along with the Boston Celtics will show up to play for keeps when the playoffs come around. With the deals the Magic made they remain in the playoff discussion, if not at the top.

The Ugly

Here we go again. The only thing we can hope is that something happens soon, or this whole back ‘n’ forth is just laid to rest until free agency next year. I’m obviously talking about the Carmelo Anthony discussion/obsession. It hasn’t gotten too ugly yet, but there’s still time. The back and forth, back and forth is covered by many on Twitter. Observe.

While the editors and analysts try to figure out what in the world is going on with “Melogate,” we will take this time to go over the Top 5 Tweets of the Week.
#5 This tweet comes from the point guard for Phoenix and honestly, I don’t know whether to be scared of the situation, or to applaude his dedication. Either way, you can follow him daily here.
#4 Marcel Mutoni doesn’t think some players give it everything they have while on the floor. He has an idea for this player. Continue to follow Marcel here.
#3  It’s probably not a good idea to leave your cell phone out, and unlocked, in an NBA locker room.  Evan Turner found this out the hard way. Follow Turner getting mixed up on more antics here.
#2 Russ Bengtson never lets us down when it comes to providing a nice one-liner. Today he uses two lines, but it’s just as funny. Looks like somebody may be bored with the season right now. Follow more Bengtson here.
#1 Bengtson finishes with the No. 1 Tweet of the Week, as well, with this tweet. Bengtson is very good at what he does, but I promise he’s even better at making the Twitter world laugh. If you haven’t already, follow him here.

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Basketball is not my life, but humor is. A little controversy doesn't hurt either. That's why Shatter the Glass has employed me to construct the Twitter Takeover. Each week I will bring you the hottest news and funniest tweets via Twitter. Enjoy.

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