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The Blending of Hip Hop and NBA Basketball

Allen Iverson Wallpaper

From its birth on street corners in the projects of New York, hip-hop has impacted culture on a global scale. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the hood, the ‘burbs or somewhere in between, the hip-hop presence is something you’ve always been aware of, affecting everything from the clothes you wore, to the slang you pissed off your parents with. ...

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New Orleans Preparing Massive Offer to Davis

Anthony Davis Wallpaper

New Orleans is trying to keep the pay grade of Anthony Davis as impressive as the statistics he has been able to pile up during his three-year career. The NBA’s leading shot blocker for each of the past two seasons is now set to become one of the highest paid players in league history. To keep the 22-year-old on the ...

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Dysfunction Engulfing the Kings

Sacramento Kings Wallpaper

Success has been elusive for the Kings and the organization has done little to help its cause. The most unstable franchise in the league is once again experiencing a power struggle, as the head coach wants to deal away the All-Star center, the lone pillar Sacramento has been able to land during an especially bad stretch.

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